Create – Don’t Duplicate

Welcome to the final installment of our six blog series—“Productivity:  Making Results Happen!”  This series of blogs is devoted to offering leaders like you  a series of simple ideas about transformational pathways to make results happen that are beyond business as usual.  As we discussed in previous blogs,  “Making Results Happen” could be said to correlate to the following Simple Ideas:

  1. Actions Produce Results
  2. Speaking and Listening are Action
  3. Choice Allows for Inspired Actions
  4. Enlist others; Mobilize Others to Commit
  5. Develop Structures to Realize Committed Results

Imagine you’ve succeeded in achieving results that break new ground and represent a level of performance beyond business as usual.   You’re now a winning team with a ‘win’ under your belt.  Can you win again on the next commitment?  Logically one might think…yes we can—we know how to do it now! But hold that thought while we explore simple idea #6:  Create—Don’t Duplicate

As Consultants, we frequently see teams attempt to duplicate another breakthrough result off the back of a success and fail.  Why is that?

I would offer that the answer to that question lives in the story of Shahrazad – the legendary Queen and storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights.  The story goes that the King of Persia found out one day that his wife was cheating on him. He had her beheaded and then resolved to marry as many women as possible and behead them as soon as he grew tired of them. One thousand women were executed until one day he encountered Shahrazad – the daughter of his vizier. Shahrazad had formulated a plan to stop the beheadings. She told him a very exciting story every night and refused to tell him the end of the story until the following evening. The story was so exciting, that the Shah couldn’t wait til the following night to hear how the tale ended….If she had decided at some point “I think it got handled” or “I know how to do this”, or even “I think I will repeat the same story again” and had stopped inventing and creating a new story that was compelling enough to him to keep her around, she would have gone the way of the others.

So how do you avoid this pitfall and predictable failure in achieving new levels of performance when you’ve already produced a great result?  Create it newly.

Realize that results beyond business as usual cannot be achieved by formula.  If that worked why are we all not rich when we read other’s books on how to make millions!   Doing what they did is not the source of their success.  Second, it’s important to get that achieving results come about when people set out to create a future that doesn’t currently exist.  And finally, making results or breakthroughs happen is a function of people being inspired to act in ways they hadn’t previously considered.

Back to you and your winning team.  If you want to win or win again and again—I’d like to offer these simple steps:

  • Complete: Create the next opportunity for yourself and your team.  Take the time to complete the success.  Have the team be fully acknowledged for all their efforts and hard work.  Show the benefits to them, their organization and the company.
  • Create: Start each new effort as a creation.  Don’t look at what you did in the last effort and simply do the same thing over again.  There is no creation in that approach.  Learn from what you did, but don’t have actions be determined by what you did before.
  • Celebrate: Have the new challenge be met with a spirit of celebration.  Yes you and your team are operating at a higher level and you now have skills and capabilities that have been tested and work.  Have the next challenge be one characterized by fun, energy, a can-do attitude and the mantra; we shall succeed not matter what!

Wins beget wins when people are always creating what is next.  Inspired actions are the key to success.  People achieving results that bring about new realities and new futures is the fuel for success.   Remember, reading books on how to make a million dollars never works—the creative thought process that enabled the author’s success was the key not the formula.

Productivity:  Making Results Happen takes approaching each challenge newly, shaping each effort from a future that people want and that benefits them to realize, and makes a difference to them to succeed.  People want to be effective and more importantly people want to make a difference and be recognized for the difference they make.  No cog in a wheel approach ever makes results happen that would not happen otherwise.

We at JMW are dedicated to your success.  Use this series of blogs to stimulate your thinking and remind you that leaders cause things to happen that would not happen anyway!

JMW offers leadership coaching for you and your teams.  We can give you and your teams that edge that makes the difference in individual and collective performance.  Consider what results, if achieved, would not only benefit you and your leadership legacy, but provide you and your organization a bold new future that would not have happened without your stand.

Success can be way beyond 1001 nights.