Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnering


In today’s competitive environment, M&A’s, collaboration and partnering is vital across a multitude of industries and interest areas, from IT breakthrough strategies, to social causes, and make-or-break business challenges. Being able to partner and collaborate internally within an organization and divisions is just as important for strategy success. But true collaboration is more powerful and more elusive than many people think.

JMW has over 30 years’ experience partnering with strategic alliances to tackle complex, high-stakes projects and collaborate to deliver amazing results. We’ve seen organizations who never worked together before come together on a risky, top-dollar project and deliver award-winning performance. In our experience, what brings people together in a successful partnership or collaboration is a shared commitment to a larger possibility—an achievement never done before.

Some examples of the impact of our work:


  • Successfully turned around a complex post-merger integration, resulting in a $93 million jump in value and leap from last to first in the company’s divisional ranking system in just one year.
  • Worked with five major oil companies to develop 11 oil fields. The project was completed with oil being delivered two months ahead of schedule at $200 million below sanctioned costs and with superior HSE standards.
  • Enabled a multinational project to build two drill ships to complete ahead of time and with best-in-class reliability.
  • Helped one $640 million project build a highway bypass in a geo-technically challenging area of Australia that completed seven months ahead of schedule and reduced costs in concept design by $100m. The project went on to win awards in safety, innovation, alliance, engineering and environmental management.
  • Helped one $50bn+ project create a set of strategic enablers, outcomes and results that the seven organizations in the Joint Venture could all get behind to deliver.
  • When a major defense electronics company with a history of projects over-runs won an important fixed-price contract, it turned to JMW. We worked with a team of managers from every discipline of the project, and through training and coaching, helped them move beyond their traditional ways of doing their jobs and focus on what could be done. The contract was completed a year ahead of time for $11 million less than the original bid.

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