Organizational Performance Assessments

JMW’s consultants are expert at revealing current levels of organizational effectiveness and providing tailored solutions to drive performance improvements. Our organizational performance assessments are highly effective at identifying:

  • Assumptions and conclusions that unknowingly shape action
  • Where there is a lack of alignment at managerial and leadership levels
  • What people in the organization really think
  • Leadership voids
  • How historical events are impacting current performance and people’s ability to see the future
  • Great ideas and solutions currently unexpressed or previously dismissed
  • How senior management messages are being received
  • The inarguable link between people’s attitudes and organizational performance and readiness for change

When should I consider an assessment?

  • If you have a critical performance challenge to address
  • When areas of under-performance are not being effectively addressed
  • Where the current culture of the organization is a mismatch or insufficient to meeting future demands
  • When leadership needs to be provided, elevated and enhanced to meet the challenges of the future

What will I get?

A written report that will include:
Areas of organizational strength
Underlying transparent points of view that are shaping people's behaviors and actions that have led to the current business situation
Critical factors that led to current breakdowns in performance and in attaining total customer satisfaction
Pathways to restore confidence, as well as build upon current strengths to create and enable a new sense of the future
Right levers to push to establish the new behaviors consistent with the performance you need.
Near-term intervention(s) and the longer-term approaches
A meeting with the Leadership Team and others to review and discuss findings and to identify short and long term interventions

Do you want to unveil what’s going on in your organization and get on the path to improved performance?

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