Executive Coaching

JMW’s high-performance coaching service is designed for executives, leaders, and managers who are looking to elevate their individual effectiveness.

Our coaching equips participants with new perspectives, approaches and skills that significantly increase their day-to-day performance, leaving them with meaningful insights that help them fulfill their highest aspirations. Whether you’re looking to alter a particular leadership style, transcend current limitations, be more effective at influencing others, or elevate your performance in a specific area, JMW will customize a coaching program that will not only address your real-time issues, but also have a lasting impact on your overall effectiveness.

JMW’s coaches carefully tailor each coaching engagement to an individual’s specific performance goals and objectives. Our coaching assignments generally consist of face-to-face meetings and/or phone calls for a defined time period, and often begin with a half-day or full-day meeting to lay the foundation for the coaching relationship, including agreement on the issues and/or needs to be addressed, the required outcomes and results to be delivered and the structure and timeframe.

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