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At JMW, we help major capital projects reliably deliver on and even beat schedule, cost and quality targets. We help sustain the rhythm of project performance while accelerating the pace of delivery.

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Some of the results we have helped deliver:

  • Alliance delivers first oil six months early and 22% under budget
  • Air navigation service provider beats stretch targets and is voted world’s best by its peers
  • Overall productivity at engineering services company improves by 54%
  • Alliance delivers 2 months ahead of schedule and $200m under budget
  • JMW’s involvement saves a mine that was set to close
  • $93m increase in value for one oil company
  • $711m value delivered through leadership projects at one oil company
  • Two state of the art drill ships delivered on time, under budget and with best in class reliability
  • International Energy company recognized for outstanding safety performance

Specifically, JMW helps project leadership to manage transitions (Engineering to Construction, Construction to Commissioning, etc.) and deliver significant performance gains

We help project execution shift from risks to gains by focussing on:

Ensuring delivery is consistent with project strategies and sustaining higher levels of individual and collective accountability in realizing project objectives.

Enabling hand-overs to be executed with a high level of collaboration so the teams receiving deliverables are set up for success.

Anticipating, getting out in front of, and effectively intervening with problems, setbacks and challenges so that innovative pathways to deliver key milestones are developed and executed.

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