Project Performance Acceleration Methodology™

When is JMW’s Project Performance Acceleration™ useful?

When a project team is:

  • Moving toward objectives at a slower than desired pace and wanting to accelerate results
  • Observing progress slowing down on the project, putting schedule at risk (key milestones starting to “slip to the right”)
  • Looking to create a breakthrough in results beyond what they originally committed to for the project

What happens in JMW’s Project Performance Acceleration™?

The Project Team:

  • Focuses on the areas where accelerated project performance would be most useful
  • Identifies the mindsets, opinions and prejudices that may be in the way of delivering higher performance for the project
  • Constructively challenges those mindsets, opinions and prejudices
  • Stands for (or reinforces) their shared sense of purpose and vision for the project, focused on what’s of fundamental importance to all team members and stakeholders, even in the face of challenges
  • Makes commitments to accelerated results, with no compromises on quality or HSE performance
  • (Further) develops their capabilities for communicating openly with each other about project progress
  • Develops communication and leadership capabilities, including creating interventions and breakthroughs when obstacles arise
  • Continues to engage all team members as the project progresses, keeping focus on the project’s purpose, vision, and producing results
  • Builds the muscle of continually raising the performance bar for themselves and for the project

What does JMW do in Project Performance Acceleration™?

The JMW team working with a capital project:

  • Provides leadership principles and communication tools for creating and managing a high performing project
  • Designs and facilitates key workshops for the senior project team, as well as select meetings of key teams and working groups accountable for delivering on critical steps towards extraordinary results
  • Coaches individuals accountable for delivering on critical extraordinary results and implementing key actions or initiatives
  • Supports the integration of cascaded commitments into the integrated project plan
  • Ensures that the project’s management structures are directly supporting the delivery of extraordinary results

What are the principles behind this methodology?

Transform how people view the project, and you will transform performance, because…

  • Perception and interpretation wins over reality every time. We help organizations reveal and challenge the conclusions and views in the background that are limiting performance.
  • More inclusive is more effective. The more stakeholders you can involve in the acceleration of a project, the more buy-in they will have for what the Project Team creates and the more they will contribute.
  • Acceleration is built on a common vision for the project. A truly shared vision, when it goes beyond the separate interests of each participating group, company or stakeholder, creates a key foundation for accelerating performance towards unprecedented results.
  • People’s commitments matter. Having people adopt a rigorous relationship to their word, so that commitments are clear and “honored”, is key to accelerated high performance.
  • Owning just your part isn’t good enough. As capital projects become more and more complex, it’s critical for all groups to take ownership of the success of the whole venture.

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