Leadership Development Programs

JMW’s transformational leadership programs are designed to develop and equip executives with effective leadership skills to enhance organizational performance.

  • Step up even more quickly into expanded roles and responsibilities
  • Lead from the future—understand and own their role in creating and fulfilling that future
  • Engage teams to target and deliver levels of performance that exceed what’s been achieved to date while dealing with complexity, uncertainty and rapid change
  • Build and maintain sustained and trusted client relationships
  • Create and lead, by example, a culture of accountability, integrity and high performance
  • Collaborate effectively both internally across functions and divisions and with clients, partners and other key stakeholders
  • Lead through influence, authenticity and personal responsibility

Major return on investment

Clients report that the impact of JMW’s programs is immediate and lasting. One major oil company reported an increase in value of $2bn – ranging from $5m to $50m per participant – following the rollout of our leadership program. Learn more about JMW’s approach to developing and training leaders.

What Our Clients Say:

JMW’s unique combination of developing leadership while focusing on specific results is complementary and supportive in having a company achieve a new level of performance. As a result of their work, I have observed an unmistakable change in how people view their roles and who they need to be to fulfill in the company’s future. Having JMW on board provides an incredible tool for any leader trying to transform their company from where it is to where they want to be.”

Norman Chambers. Former Chairman Of The Board at NCI Building Systems, Inc.

JMW is like the finishing school of leadership. One that provides people with access to extraordinary leadership, which then gives the extraordinary financial and broader business results that I am looking for. JMW enabled us to get to a different type of business result beyond what was originally thought possible. Results on the financial statements, results for my people and their potential, and all the other balanced scorecard elements of our performance.”

Mike Bennetts, CEO of the Year, Deloitte Top 200,. Z Energy

Find out how Leadership Development can have a significant impact on your bottom line: