Leadership Development Approach

Developing leaders while delivering results

We focus on producing a fundamental shift in perspective that allows participants to design their own future, to set bold targets and then move forward with confidence and velocity.

Our leadership development programs are structured learning experiences that challenge participants to commit to extraordinary results in the context of their current work and accountabilities. We provide the guidance, support and tools necessary to accomplish their objectives and to deal with obstacles as they arise. This powerful combination of education and application helps participants develop new capabilities that not only lead to significant, measurable and sustainable results, but also create new possibilities for the future of the organization.

JMW’s leadership development methodology draws on a set of principles and concepts regarding the kinds of thinking and behavior required to deliver extraordinary performance. Some of the fundamental premises behind our programs include:

“Context” is decisive

Attitudes, opinions and biases often go unexamined, but strongly shape our view of what’s achievable. Drawing leaders’ attention to context enables them to recognize its impact and develop the right context to meet the challenge at hand.

People will take action consistent with the way they see the world

Results require action. It’s human nature that our actions are shaped by our perceptions. Altering how leaders view the world provides them with a powerful means of leveraging and accelerating change.

It’s possible to articulate a vision that engages people

Articulating a clear vision for the future of a team or organization can be a vital step towards delivering exceptional performance. Yet the impact of most vision statements is short-lived – they end up on a poster or in a desk drawer. A powerful vision lives in a conversation that links individual aspirations and values with the desired future of the team or organization. When people can hear what’s important to them expressed in the vision, capturing a sense of individual and shared purpose, they are far more likely to engage fully with the fulfillment of that vision.

Vision is realized through business performance

Establishing targets and milestones consistent with the vision – goals which point the way towards its realization – provides an effective pathway for both execution and empowerment. Using the language of commitment and action enables leaders to translate extraordinary possibilities into real and measurable results.

People will rise to the challenge of the extraordinary

People want to make an impact at work. The opportunity to do something great, to participate in an effort that can truly make a difference is a compelling proposition. Given the trust and the space to choose, and the sufficient level of support, people will rise above their considerations to take on a challenge which requires actions and results far beyond the norm.

Learning unleashes extraordinary behavior and results

Learning is a lifelong practice. The world’s most successful leaders have recognized the need to continuously reassess and renew their leadership.

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