The Leader of the Future® Asia Pacific

Program Details

Title The Leader of the Future® Asia Pacific

Type: Four 4-day Residential Workshops + Project Work

Location: Australia: Varies by Session

Date: Contact us for 2019 Program Dates

Download: The Leader of the Future Brochure Asia-Pacific

JMW is like the finishing school of leadership. One that provides people with access to extraordinary leadership, which then gives the extraordinary financial and broader business results that I am looking for. JMW enabled us to get to a different type of business result beyond what was originally thought possible. Results on the financial statements, results for my people and their potential, and all the other balanced scorecard elements of our performance.”

Mike Bennetts, CEO of the Year, Deloitte Top 200. Z Energy

The Leader of the Future® program enables executives and senior-level managers to make a far greater impact throughout their organisations. Participants acquire new skills and capabilities required to challenge “business as usual,” drive breakthrough results and establish new standards for performance. The program enhances current leadership strengths and transforms counterproductive behaviors by incorporating rigorous requirements for results delivery with intensive personal development.

The Leader of the Future® challenges participants to commit to extraordinary results in the context of their current work and accountabilities. JMW provides the guidance, support and tools necessary to accomplish their objectives and to deal with obstacles as they arise. This combination of education and application helps participants develop new capabilities that not only lead to dramatic, sustainable results, but also create new possibilities for the future of the organisation. The Leader of the Future® is typically delivered in four week-long residential sessions over the course of nine months. The session topics are:

  • Generating the Extraordinary presents a framework by which to create and realize extraordinary intentions for the organisation
  • Managing for Action offers operational access to managing those intentions and engaging the interest, enthusiasm and commitment of others throughout the organisation
  • Transcending the Limits reveals a new perspective that is unencumbered by the limits of previous experience with respect to one’s impact on the organisation and success as a leader
  • Leading from the Future provides methods to generate and sustain extraordinary leadership for the organisation—regardless of circumstance