The Leader of the Future® North America


Program Details

Title The Leader of the Future® North America

Type: Four 4-day Residential Workshops + Project Work

Location: North America – Varies by Session (TBA)

Date: Session 1: May 6 - 9, 2019

Download: The Leader of the Future Brochure

Are you interested in generating a new level of commitment, engagement and performance in your organization? Are you a leader looking to make far greater impact? Is your organization facing a challenge you have no idea how to overcome?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then JMW’s ground-breaking program—The Leader of the Future®—is for you. This four week program has been described by many participants as the most valuable and lasting learning experience of their careers. Participants walk away with new ways of thinking and collaborating and the ability to achieve the extraordinary. Their leadership strengths are enhanced and by incorporating rigorous requirements for results delivery with intensive personal development, counterproductive behaviors are transformed.

The Leader of the Future® challenges participants to commit to extraordinary results in the context of their current work and accountabilities. JMW provides the guidance, support and tools necessary to accomplish their objectives and to deal with obstacles as they arise. This combination of education and application helps participants develop new capabilities that not only lead to dramatic, sustainable results, but also create new possibilities for the future of the organization. The Leader of the Future® is delivered in four week-long residential sessions over the course of nine months. Download the curriculum here.

JMW is like the finishing school of leadership. One that provides people with access to extraordinary leadership, which then gives the extraordinary financial and broader business results that I am looking for. JMW enabled us to get to a different type of business result beyond what was originally thought possible. Results on the financial statements, results for my people and their potential, and all the other balanced scorecard elements of our performance.”

Mike Bennetts, CEO of the Year, Deloitte Top 200. Z Energy

Participants in JMW programs this year and last made a stunning commitment to results by creating additional value of approximately $2 billion, ranging from $5 million to $50 million per person."

Global Energy Company. Group VP, HR

If you are responsible for an organization and you believe that there is an outcome that’s possible for your organization that’s significantly better than anyone else believes possible, JMW will give you the tools, the techniques and the understanding to create the possibility for that to happen and how to empower your organization to go get it."

Tom Knudson. Bristow Group Chairman