Public Sector

State OwnedJMW’s Public Sector practice is committed to helping Federal, State and Local Government entities around the globe solve complex issues and transform performance.

Increasingly challenging deadlines, demands to demonstrate return on investment, and intense public scrutiny are no longer the preserve of private companies. The uphill battle for some State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) can be steep, often with aging assets, residual legacy cultures, gaps in the next rungs of leadership, and systems and processes not suited for the current reality.

JMW has worked in all regions of the world with SOEs in a range of industry sectors including air traffic control, road, rail, defense, water and power—and we have seen these organizations overcome these challenges and triumph.

Examples of some of the issues we have helped these enterprises tackle include:

  • An emphasis on process over performance
  • Blurred accountabilities
  • People not feeling empowered to make decisions
  • Challenges serving different masters such as customers, regulators, government departments
  • A culture of “this can’t be done because it hasn’t been done before”
  • A sense of entitlement among a long-serving workforce

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