Water IndustryJMW works with Water Industry leaders to overcome sizable challenges and dramatically transform performance.

In addition to the ever-increasing concern about water scarcity, there’s an urgent need to replace aging infrastructure, while at the same time reducing capital expenditure, providing great customer service yet keeping bills as low as possible, and solving a financing gap.

  1. While there’s no shortage of media coverage on the kinds of systems and processes that need to be implemented, beating the water industry’s challenges is going to require innovation, forward-thinking partnerships and practical approaches. It’s going to require extraordinary efforts by extraordinary people—people with the capabilities to provide leadership that not only shifts thinking, but also the actions that need to be taken.

Award Winning Track Record

In 2016, JMW won its third AMCF award in 4 years. Once again, the award celebrated JMW’s work with clients in the water industry - Yarra Valley Water.

Award Press Release
JMW Featured in Water and Waste Digest

JMW has worked with leaders of more than a dozen water companies and alliances to dramatically transform performance. The challenges we have worked with them on include:

  • Inventing and implementing creative solutions to cost challenges
  • Generating performance breakthroughs in projects to deliver more high-quality infrastructure at lower cost
  • Creating highly effective public private partnerships and alliances, resulting in high-impact outcomes
  • Reshaping organizations to be a match for their revenues
  • Increasing efficiencies and developing fairer pricing models
  • Better educating customers to understand the value and costs associated with providing a safe and reliable water supply.

Results Delivered

JMW has enabled the water industry to achieve results beyond what they believed to be possible. Examples of the impact of our work include:

  • Helping one $2bn irrigation project achieve a 160% improvement in performance
  • Helped a project to upgrade 250 pump stations to save $200m in costs, whilst at the same time create a breakthrough in community relations
  • Delivered $24m in cost savings for another company, enabled the customer tariff system to be rewritten and netted JMW an International Management Consulting award in the process.
  • 20% reduction in annual operating expenditure for one company, while ensuring staff buy-in, engagement and satisfaction
  • Turnaround in performance of a major project that was threatened to be cancelled, bringing it in under budget and saving $14m
  • Delivering of a corporation’s best safety performance ever, with the lowest number of complaints to the water ombudsman in the company’s history. The cultural turnaround at the organization is widely acknowledged as representing world best practice

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