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Jerry Straus

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Jerry Straus is one of JMW’s three founding partners, and is the leader behind the strategic vision that has guided the company’s long track record of business performance and global growth. Under Jerry’s leadership, JMW has partnered with clients around the world as they make extraordinary advances in their business performances, building the JMW brand and a client roster that ranges from Fortune 100 corporations to entrepreneurial firms in industries as diverse as mining, pharmaceuticals, and financial services.

For more than 30 years, Jerry has been the visionary force behind shaping JMW’s distinct work culture and upholding the organization’s shared values and uniquely high standards. His leadership since the founding of JMW is at the heart of the organization as he continually works alongside JMW consultants as they partner with clients in achieving the extraordinary.

Jerry has also represented JMW as a member of an international, interdisciplinary consortium that brings together business leaders, consultants, and practitioners with scholars and thought leaders in a range of academic disciplines. Working in concert, they have developed, tested, and applied new insights and practical innovations that provide an entirely new access for individual and organizational performance.

Jerry has been a master musician for most of his life and remains very active in the world of music. He has participated as a Director on the Boards of various non-profit organizations, such as the Boston Theater Redevelopment Fund and Pro Musicis. He is currently a Director of the International Keyboard Institute in New York, New York. Jerry is also an avid supporter of Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Jerry holds degrees from Bowling Green State University and Boston University and lives in Stamford, CT with his wife Nancy.