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Ali Roberts

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Ali Roberts has been a Consultant with JMW’s Asia Pacific team since 2012. During that time she has supported high performance in the Oil, Gas, Water and Infrastructure sectors.

A quality that sets Ali apart is her deep passion for exploring what’s possible beyond accepted norms. For more than 25 years she’s focused on enabling people to create and fulfil exciting futures that were not predictable.

First and foremost Ali delivers results – give her a game to play and she plays full-out. Intention and making a difference are deeply in her DNA. Ali is inspired by people who courageously take on audacious projects and then revels in tenaciously supporting them to win. Her clients regularly get promoted to senior leadership positions.

Ali is renowned among her JMW clients and colleagues for being ‘ruthlessly compassionate’.

As an example of her coaching impact, a client whose project was threatened to be cancelled due to being $10m over budget, committed to finding a solution without knowing how. He garnered collective innovative thinking which enabled the project to be successfully delivered under budget, and saved the organization more than $14m.

Ali obtained a Naturopathic Degree in Sydney as a mature student, winning the award for being the best all round student. She created, owned and operated a successful private health practice in Hobart for 10 years prior to joining JMW.

Ali is married to Michael and has 3 adult children. She is a proud kiwi, having been born and raised in New Zealand. She loves beauty in all its expressions; from white sand beaches, to interior design, good food and wine, and deep friendships. She loves to immerse herself in good books and salt water, and if there’s waves to catch…even better.