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Angela Payne has a passion for empowering and enabling people and organizations to go beyond the predictable. She is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals push beyond limitations and identify opportunities for growth and expansion. Her demonstrated ability to produce high levels of effectiveness under pressure in a project environment, combined with her experience as a transformational coach has enabled her to make this a reality for thousands.

Angela’s work with JMW Consultants’ North American Team, includes one-on-one coaching, team development and consulting and large group facilitation of leadership programs such as JMW’s Leader of the Future®.

Angela has over two decades of experience in delivering innovative solutions across a variety of industry sectors. Her strong analytical and problem solving proficiency and expertise in human behaviour is evidenced in her ability to work successfully with people in bringing lasting, beneficial change in even the most challenging environments.

An experienced trainer, Angela has provided valuable services as both a coach and facilitator. She has designed and led transformational seminars and programs for hundreds of people.  Angela’s natural capacity for straightforward and concise conversations translates into her effective coaching and consulting style.  Her goal is to provide practical tools and pathways to expand people’s leadership abilities and communication skills so they can impact and shape their own environments both at work and at home.

Prior to joining JMW, Angela worked at JMJ in Australia and in the USA, as well as at BHP Billiton.  Before joining BHP Billiton, Angela worked for a global training and development company which specialized in providing individuals with practical, powerful and relevant training programs that resulted in breakthroughs in their performance, communication and relationships.

In her free time, Angela enjoys traveling, exploring different cultures and places, spending time with friends and family, yoga, sailing and contributing to the success of social impact ventures in Seattle.  She makes her home in Denver, Colorado.