Casey Freeman

Senior Vice President and Business Leader, Canada

Casey Freeman

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Since joining JMW in 2007, Casey has helped clients throughout the world take on major breakthrough projects which are vital to their continued growth and success. Through a combination of coaching and consulting, he works with leaders and their teams to approach critical objectives in new ways—from measurable cost savings and the generation of new and significant revenues, to dramatic quality and productivity improvements.

Casey brings particular expertise to the table in terms of helping executives and management teams achieve their objectives by honing their abilities to lead and perform in times of challenge and change. Clients credit him with a unique combination of strengths—in coaching executives as they lead their organizations to new levels of performance, as well as working with operational teams to attain productivity and quality goals which are essential to their companies’ futures.

Casey has worked in industries ranging from real estate and finance to natural resources and oil and gas, engaging with clients in both one-on-one leadership coaching, as well as the design and implementation of programs tailored to the developmental needs of their organizations.

Casey graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He and his wife make their home in Houston, Texas. Outside work, Casey enjoys playing golf, reading and spending time with his children.