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John Fisher

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John Fisher has been a consultant with JMW since 1996. Clients credit him with helping them grapple with difficulties, coming up with approaches to deal with performance breakdowns, and supporting them in creating strategies to reach performance targets which might otherwise seem unreachable.

For over 30 years, John has worked with executives and senior teams in companies around the world, in functional areas ranging from safety, simplification, drilling and completions, engineering, operations, high-value and sensitive commercial negotiations, information technology and procurement.

Throughout that time, John has developed substantial expertise in helping major projects to deliver ahead of time and under budget through powerful team effectiveness, strong leadership behaviors and ongoing team and individual commitment. He has a unique ability to coach project managers and teams to collaborate effectively and deliver results beyond what was believed possible.

Clients have called upon John to help alter the dynamics of leadership

teams at critical junctures, when the interactions and relationships within a team have been a significant barrier to delivering desired results.

Some examples of the impact of John’s work include:

  • A performance breakthrough for a $900m project from an almost certain late delivery and financial penalties of millions a day, to achieving the agreed first production date on time.
  • Enabling an IT function to reduce numbers of suppliers by 70%, secure improved terms worth $5m and generate a gross profit of $100m.
  • Transforming the performance of one $2 billion project from the prospect of missing the deadline for awarding an EPC contract into an almost certain delivery of the contract award on time.
  • Transforming a procurement function into a strategic source of business value producing annual net cost savings and decreasing capital expenditures.
  • Working on a mega project costing $10 billion, to eliminate the risk of late delivery and reduce the risk of cost overruns.

John is a fellow of The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and the Institute of Consulting. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Computer Studies from the University of East Anglia in the UK and is a Certified Management Consultant.

He is a technology enthusiast and well-known for his love of all things Apple. He lives in Surrey, England with his wife Alison and their daughter Eleanor.