Lainie Heneghan

Senior Consultant

Lainie Heneghan

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As a Senior Consultant, Lainie Heneghan works with leaders, executive teams, and organizations in the public and private sectors. Lainie has over 20 years experience developing leaders to deliver extraordinary results both for their organizations and the communities in which they work.

Lainie is an expert at working with business leaders and their teams to create high-performance cultures, improve team effectiveness, achieve unprecedented results and support powerful partnerships with internal and external stakeholders. Clients credit Lainie for taking creative approaches to her work.

Lainie’s consulting and executive coaching work includes multi-national and cross-cultural challenges in industries ranging from oil and gas to financial and transportation services. In addition, she supports client companies through customized client leadership development programs such as JMW’s The Leader of the Future®, equipping leaders with the tools and approaches they need to pursue, deliver, and sustain high-performance results.

As an example of Lainie’s impact, she helped one client transform from being on the brink of bankruptcy to turning its first ever profit, increasing share value by 700%, dramatically improving its safety and being voted the industry’s premier provider by its peers. In another example, Lainie supported the merger of two major financial institutions by running leadership assessments and development interventions designed to establish the right conditions for success.

In her speaking engagements, Lainie has addressed topics such as Leadership Development Driving Performance and Putting the Individual at the Heart of the Change. Her articles Radical Listening: Less Talk, More Leadership,” and The Reluctant Leader: Uncovering the Hidden Resources in Your Organizationappeared in international business publications.

Before joining JMW in 1995, Lainie held various positions with an international education firm, working largely in the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

She is a graduate of the University of Vermont and is fluent in both English and French. She is both an American and British citizen and lives in Bath.