Paul Mensh

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Paul Mensh

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Since joining JMW in 1985, Paul has provided consulting and executive development support to companies, joint ventures, outsourcing initiatives and alliances engaged in a variety of strategic and leadership development initiatives, all with one thing in common…a focus on elevating performance.

Having emigrated from America to Australia in 2001 as a senior member of JMW’s Asia Pacific region, Paul has worked on a range of performance-focused challenges in the oil and gas, mining, water, power distribution and engineering and construction sectors, including several public/private infrastructure project alliances. In that time, he has worked with companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand. Paul architects and manages JMW’s larger, more complex engagements, leads JMW development programs and is responsible for the ongoing development of JMW’s consulting practice.

The scope of engagements Paul has led range from large-scale performance focused organizational transformations, delivery of large-scale complex projects including alliances in the road, rail and water sectors; strategy development and implementation and impacting the effectiveness of executive teams.

Most recently, Paul led JMW’s support to a New Zealand energy company formed to house the acquired downstream assets of a global oil and gas company. Helping to address the challenge of transforming a small portion of a global giant into a fully autonomous New Zealand company with an organizational-wide commitment to achieving extraordinary performance and making a substantive contribution to New Zealanders, has been one of Paul’s most challenging and rewarding experiences. The results have been impressive. Company value has increased from $420 million to $2.1 billion. Return on capital employed has grown from 8% to 15% in the same time period. The company is now ranked #2 in New Zealand for corporate reputation, with a score that would put us in the top 10% of companies in their global database for corporate reputation.

Paul’s career has integrated both consulting and leadership development efforts in a range of industries, including aerospace.