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Thought Leadership

Don’t spend a minute planning for 2016 until you read this

Latest blog from Joanne Graf

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Today Rural Australia: Tomorrow the World

An organization turns around and seizes the day

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Z Energy

Year 100, Day One: Finding the ‘Why’.

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Gretchen Haskins, CEO, HeliOffShore, talks about what it really takes to really drive safety improvement in an organization.


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Anything is Possible

In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks on the US, the UK’s largest air traffic organization was deep in the red…

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Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited

Leadership Driving Performance:

Achieving New Levels of Success by Developing Leaders

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Ensuring Talent for the Future with Leadership Development that Drives Performance

There was a new CEO at the helm of the company and an ambitious new agenda, but not enough leadership talent to get the job done.

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Client Success

IT function sets new standards for worldwide data security
JMW’s involvement saves a mine which looked set to close
$93m increase in value for one oil company
$711m value from leadership projects realized by one oil company
Alliance completes highway ahead of schedule and $37.6m under budget
Two state of the art drill ships delivered on time and to budget with best in class reliability
International Energy company recognized for outstanding safety performance
Alliance delivers oil 2 months ahead of schedule and $200m under budget
Global manufacturer sets record market shares for key brands